Meeting Owl 3 - Distributor - 360° Meeting Camera

The Meeting Owl 3 is a state-of-the-art 360-degree video conferencing camera that offers an all-in-one solution to take your meetings to the next level. With its compatibility with major video conferencing platforms such as MS Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and others, the OWL Labs Meeting OWL 3 is an ideal choice for virtual meetings. It features a 360° lens, eight omnidirectional echo-cancelling microphones, and a 360° speaker system, which makes it an all-encompassing device for video conferencing. Easily connect it to your computer via USB and let it be your eyes and ears during virtual meetings.

  • Includes: One Meeting Owl 3, power supply, cables and documents.
  • The Owl 3 Expansion Microphone is an OPTIONAL Extra For Expansion in Larger Rooms (Meeting Owl 3 has eight internal beam-forming Microphones Built-In standard 
  • Two x Meeting Owl 3 can be paired wirelessly for larger rooms, and 2 x additional mics can be added (1 per Meeting Owl 3)
  • Meeting Owl Bar can be paired with a single Meeting Owl 3 wirelessly for a combination of front-of-room video bar and a 360° all in one multi-cam solution.
  • Meeting Owl Bar can work as a standalone front-facing video bar and does not require the Meeting Owl 3
  • Dynamiccom is the only Authorized and sole importer of the Meeting Owl 3. For all units bought from an unauthorised parallel importer/reseller, the device will not be covered locally by the 2-year standard swap-out warranty. 
  • Please call on +27 11 209 0587 to check if your seller is an authorised Owl partner via Dynamiccom, the sole authorised Owl Labs importer.
Elevate your meetings with the cutting-edge Meeting Owl 3 by DynamicCom. This innovative conference system combines the power of a 360° meeting camera with seamless integration with digital display boards.


Meeting Owl 3 - Distributor - 360° Meeting Camera
Meeting Owl 3 - Distributor - 360° Meeting Camera
Meeting Owl 3 - Distributor
Meeting Owl 3 - Distributor
Meeting Owl 3 - Distributor
Product Details
Specifications and FAQs
Meeting Camera Specs
  • Resolution and Frame Rate
    1080p HD
  • Size-Unspecified CMOS
    Size-Unspecified CMOS
  • System Connection
    USB-C 3.0 / 3.1/3.2 Gen 1
  • Auto Zoom
  • Auto Focus
  • Speaker Tracking
  • Camera Field Of View
  • PC Required
  • Number of Microphones
  • Microphone Range
    5.5 Metres in 360°
  • Built In Speakers
  • Warranty
    2 year
  • Built in Wireless Presentation
  • HDR Video
  • Option To Pair multiple Cameras As 1
    Yes, 2 cameras wirelessly
  • Expandable Microphone Option
    Yes, 1 mic per Owl 3
  • Remote Control
    Yes via app on any device
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